An Intern’s Perspective: My Experience as a Marketing Intern at ENBIO

Joe Loughran, an ENBIO summer marketing intern from the United States, details what he learned during the first half of his summer internship in Dublin

My name is Joe, and I am a marketing intern at ENBIO this summer. am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and go to school at the University of North Carolina in the United States. I am in the midst of an 8-week internship program run by IES Abroad, who places us in an Irish company and teaches a weekly class detailing Irish culture and business.

While I am interested in marketing as a full-time profession, I previously worked for companies that specialize in marketing different fields than engineering, much less industrial coating. This lack of technical expertise presented a new challenge when I approached marketing ENBIO’s products this summer.

Before I got here, I did some research through the company website. I believed that ENBIO created products for the space and aerospace industries but didn’t significantly apply to many other fields.Once I got to the ENBIO headquarters at the DCU Alpha Innovation Campus, I set about gathering information about what kind of products ENBIO made and what their main core competencies were. Given that I knew little about the industry, I decided to figure out the basics of the company so I could learn how to market their products.

However, as I explored the Research and Development lab and saw the techniques used to apply different products, I soon realized what ENBIO really specialized in. The company is founded around a specific technology, the CoBlast process, which allows it to coat metals better than any other competitor in the field. By stripping away the oxidizing layer of the metal and applying a new coating, all in one step, COBLAST produces an incredibly strong bond of chemical to metal. This process amazed me, especially after seeing how it happens in person.

I realized that the technology has limitless potential and a number of various real-world applications. Whether through the coating of tire moulds for significantly better release from the rubber or by coating antennas of drones to make them anti-reflective, ENBIO’s coatings are multidimensional and actively seeking potential new applications. Furthermore, while ENBIO continues its work in the space technology field, the company also constantly expands and innovates new ways to utilize their coating techniques in order to solve real-world problems in a variety of industries.

The best part about marketing for ENBIO has been the many winning qualities for ENBIO’s products, including the savings on cost, superior performance of the product, and lack of environmental waste created by the coating’s application. From a marketing perspective, having such good features allows for a wide variety of aspects to promote without having any defects or bad qualities to hide.

My time at ENBIO up to this point has been wonderful, as I have worked on different ways to adapt and improve marketing strategies along with a fantastic marketing team. Whether working on new content for social media or drafting potential updates for the website, I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks hold, and I will certainly take away so much from this experience.

Joe Loughran

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