ENBIO’s CoBlast Process Enables a New Metals Renaissance

Metal surface treatment has changed little in 30 years – until today. Previously, metal oxide and passivating surface layers were the limiting step, requiring hazardous chemicals or slow processes to allow subsequent bonding. ENBIO’s proprietary CoBlast process is a fast, simple, single-step, dry, room temperature process that allows direct to metal bonding uninhibited by the oxide layer. CoBlast enables new coatings with exceptional adhesion onto a wide variety of substrates, including titanium, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steels, copper, nitinol and more. This allows innovations in material surface modification for the most challenging high performance coating requirements.


CoBlast replaces the oxide or passivated layer of a metal with a thin, customised, and mechanochemically bonded skin. The process is clean and simple, requiring no thermal input and no wet chemistry. The coating process is environmentally friendly and often allows the output streams to be reused.


The CoBlast process is a one-step, ambient temperature, ambient pressure process that uses grit/micro-blasting equipment to remove a material’s natural passivation layer and replace it with a skin that is permanently adhered and uniquely tailored to suit the environmental requirements.

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Dr Kevin O’Flynn

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